Drive Me Crazy

1h 31m | 1999
Romance, Comedy, Drama
Oh so Vanilla
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Drive Me Crazy

1h 31m | 1999

Romance, Comedy, Drama


Nicole Maris is a preppy and popular high schooler, who's world gets turned upside down when her boyfriend falls for a pretty cheerleader at another school, leaving her without a date less than a month before prom. In order to save her social reputation and make her ex boyfriend jealous she enlists her grungy next door neighbor, Chase, to be her pretend boyfriend and date to prom. Chase jumps at the opportunity as he is eager to make his ex girlfriend jealous as well. After giving Chase a makeover, he becomes her ideal prom date, and they have the whole school fooled. Their scam, has different results than originally planned when they wind up falling for each other instead of winning back their exes.

  • Directors
  • John Schultz
  • Cast
  • Melissa Joan Hart
  • Adrian Grenier
  • Stephen Collins
  • Country
  • United States