Mr 365

1h 30m | 2018
Holiday, Romance, All
Mildly Titillating
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Mr 365

1h 30m | 2018

Holiday, Romance, All


Based on the book by best-selling author, Ruth Clampett, hard-working reality TV producer Sophia may have struck gold with Will, a guy who celebrates Christmas 365 days a year and has his house elaborately decorated year-round to prove it. When Will turns out not to be some eccentric holiday nut, but a handsome and mysterious guy with a deep, emotional connection to Christmas, Sophia finds herself falling for him and learning from his holiday spirit, all while attempting to navigate the high-stake demands of reality TV. Subtitles in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French.

  • Directors
  • Christie Will-Wolf
  • Cast
  • Chelsea Hobbs
  • Christopher Russell
  • Matthew Anderson
  • Jill Morrison
  • Country
  • Canada