1h 30m | 1987
Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Mildly Titillating
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1h 30m | 1987

Romance, Comedy, Fantasy


In ancient Egypt a young princess, Emmy, is about to be forced into an arranged marriage by her mother. When she prays to the gods to find true love, she is transported to the future. After time traveling, Emmy finds herself in modern day Philadelphia trapped inside a mannequin in a factory. Quickly, Jonathan the mannequin crafter, realizes that Emmy can come to life when they are alone. At first he's unsure whether he's gone insane or not, but when Emmy helps him create an eye catching window display featuring her, they begin a strange and secret romance. When anyone besides Jonathan is around, Emmy returns to her mannequin form, causing everyone around Jonathan, including his ex-girlfriend, to believe he's lost his mind. When all the mannequins in the store are set to be destroyed Jonathan rushes back to save Emmy. As soon as he grabs her arm to save her from the wood shredder, she is transformed into human form. Now Emmy and Jonathan can finally be together, and soon wed.

  • Directors
  • Michael Gottlieb
  • Cast
  • Kim Cattrall
  • Andrew McCarthy
  • Estelle Getty
  • Country
  • United States